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UK - price for Acme cabs


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Hi I'm a board member from back in the day (last active around 5 years ago) who was forced to stop playing because of RSI problems. (Hi to anyone who remembers me).


I've never sold my gear but I'm now realising that it's just taking up space and will never be used. It includes a couple of Acme 2 X 10 cabs. These are around 5 years old but virtually unused because the RSI struck before I had any real chance to gig them - they've been used in a handful of rehearsals and 3 or 4 gigs, maybe 10 times in all.


Very difficult to know what a fair asking price would be for these, as they're virtually unknown in the UK and there's no Ebay track record or similar. Can anyone advise what would be a fair price?

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