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Carvin LM12A Powered Speaker for keys? Anyone using?


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I use the LM15A as the mains for my PA. Great sound and very versatile. I also use a carvin mixer and powered subwoofer. I used one of the LM15As with my PX-330 for a couple of gigs and loved it. I have quite a bit of Carvin gear it has always been great sounding and reliable.


I have also been contemplating buying a LM12. I currently use a Carvin XP800L mixer and 2 carvin AG112 speakers. I'm happy with the sound, just thinking about hauling less gear.

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I saw a band that had them as tops recently, they sounded good.


I had a pair of the passive 1502 monitors that I used for a while, they were very nice. My brother has a pair of the powered 18" subs, I really like those, I borrow them all the time.


I think you might find the 12's lack a little low end but if you are going into a house system, and are going to use it for personal monitoring, it'll be fine.

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