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Live Webcast tonight

Scott Fraser

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Yeah, super!

If I`m reading the time difference right I`ll be on the way to work unfortunately, wish I could check it out.


They archive all their shows on the site, so if you can't make it live you can check in later.


Done deal, looking forward to it.

Same old surprises, brand new cliches-


Skipsounds on Soundclick:


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How'd it go?


My impression is that it went pretty well. Who knows, that may change when I get the DVD in a few days. As with all improvised gigs, you rehearse a whole bunch of ideas, & when it goes down you get to maybe a third or a half of them. A few clams, some roughness here & there, but mostly it flowed the way I wanted it to. I'm always intrigued by how time rolls differently, seems much more subjective, in a solo gig than it seems to when I'm playing with others. And it's really interesting that I got emails back from far more friends & contacts who tuned in to see this webcast than would ever get in their cars & drive to a live gig. I think this may be the future of live performing, at least in certain niche markets.

The archive should be up on the site in about 5 days.

Scott Fraser
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