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GE Tote-A-Tune axe (circa 1971)


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I've been a Keyboard subscriber since the days of "Contemporary Keyboard" (on & off) in the late 70's, but can't recall ever seeing a reference to this: my GE Tote-A-Tune. Runs on batteries (AC adapter, too), with white and YELLOW keys, and 4 rockin' presents: flute, strings, horn, reed (all song alike). Came with a carrying strap, too - I think it was the FIRST KEYTAR. Put black tape over the yellow keys for a while, out of sheer embarassment. I understand Keyboard Magazine and its readers can't address every "toy", but does anyone remember this? Mine still works (barely) - wish the folks making GE appliances today had the same pride of manufacturing. I have 2 pics of this bad-boy (including one on my Kurzweil and Hammond X-2) if folks are interested.
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