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Added another bass to the fold


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The Bongo is an amazing creature; you must play one to understand....


This just arrived at the office courtesy of the good folks down at Bass Central:







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I tried out all the pickup combinations (single H, HS, HH) and feel that 'my sound' is the HH. They are all quite versatile, but I find the HH to have the smoothest/roundest tone out of all the combinations.


I believe the 6ers started in 07 or 08. They've got some real nice new products out (albeit quite expensive) such as the Big Al, Reflex/25th Anniv.

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I'm shocked that Rizzo got a new bass. Seriously. So unlike him.


When the Bongos first came out I was decidedly undecided about their looks. Over the years they've grown on me. I wouldn't mind a 6 string.



Push the button Frank.
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Sweet bass Anthony! Can you describe the difference, or why you like the Bongo HH vs the Stingray or Sterling HH?

Nice score!


Good question. I've owned a Sterling 5HH and a couple of Stingray 5HH basses and for me, the Bongo just takes it to another level. There is a certain inherent 'fullness' to the Bongo that I could not replicate with any other Musicman bass.


The Sterling 5HH was a little more aggressive to my ears than the Stingray 5HH, but with the five way pickup switching, along with hand positioning, you really can get a wide variety of tones.


With that said, I've found 'my sound' with the Bongo, YMMV

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