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M3 and Data Loss Question


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Question that someone may have answer for.

Recording w/ Korg M3 running OS 1.06, not currennt OS.

[For this, please assume that upgrading is not possible.]

Was using sequencer, hitting "Save Seq" often.

At end of recording, I hit "Save All", the M3 froze, crashed.

After re-booting, M3 recognized my USB drive, displaying the song file on screen.

I clicked "Load Song" and screen showed: "There is no readable data"

I inserted my backup copy and received same msg.

Assume upgrading the OS is not possible.

Any solution would be greatly helpful.

Thanks so much for your time.


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I don't have an M3' but it sounds like when it froze, the file was corrupted. Since it was probably overwriting the existing files, your backups were lost. To avoid this, save with a different name each time so each backup does not overwrite the previous save.




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For all things specifically Korg-related if you have any more queries,


you're probably best looking for advice on Korg Forums.


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