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Training software for PC/iPad (with MIDI connection to EP)


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I like the "Digiscore" training features included in the new roland HPi-7F (the one with the big 10" LCD than can display scores), but I won't buy this piano.


So I would like to find a software that, when connected to the MIDI IN-OUT of my EP, can offer the same features on a PC or iPAD that will sit on top of the piano:


- Record what is played (what my teacher play) and display it as scores

- When I play a displayed score (just recorded or from MIFI files) the software follow my playing and display when I make tempo or note mistakes.

- The software can play the accompaniment of the midi file and let me play the piano part. Or even play one hand and let me play the other.

- I can reduce the tempo of a midi file and try to play it, with the software still showing my mistakes

- since the software "know where I am"thanks to the midi connection, it can turn pages for me.




Does this exist ?



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