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50% holiday sale at NI


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I'm thinking about picking up either the Session Strings. I really like the demos, and it seems to cater towards the situations I'd use strings for. At the moment, all I have the libraries that come with Logic and Komplete 6. I don't write orchestral pieces or film scores.

Turn up the speaker

Hop, flop, squawk

It's a keeper

-Captain Beefheart, Ice Cream for Crow

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Therefore, if by "upgrading" you mean from an earlier version of Komplete your upgrade would only cost $149.

An NI "update" (from Kontakt, Reaktor, or Kore) would be $225.


Your use of the terms "upgrade" and "update" are opposite of what NI uses. To NI, a Komplete "Update" is from a previous version of Komplete (2 through 6). An "Upgrade" is from another NI product from KONTAKT 1-4, REAKTOR 2-5, KORE 2, or GUITAR RIG 4 KONTROL EDITION.


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Looks like Komplete 7 isn't included in the deal. Too bad, I was thinking of upgrading.


You can get Komplete 7 for 25% off during November:



An UPDATE from an earlier version of Komplete would only cost $149.


An UPGRADE from Kontakt, Reaktor, or Kore would be $225.


Awesome! Update is ordered...thanks so much.

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