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Happy Thanksgiving!


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Happy Thanksgiving to all of those in the US and to those in other countries who don't have this holiday.


It's a great holiday! It's not the property of any religion and it doesn't celebrate any wars.


As rwellsinbc said, we should be thankful that we get to play the bass.


I played a nice show last night with an 18 piece big band. (only 5 people showed up to hear us).


I coached a swim team this morning. The swimmers were really glad I was there. (It's an outdoor pool and it was 38 degrees outside when I opened the pool which is heated.)


My wife and I have been cooking since yesterday. (the relatives are late...I'm posting because I'm waiting for them).


My son came home for the weekend. (We had to pick him up at the airport at midnight).


I'd say that there are more pluses than minuses in the above list, so I am very thankful.

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