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Having been one to criticize Kevin near the end of his run on the Tonight Show it was great to see him as the musical guest closing the show the other night. He seemed to be really enjoying the chance to get out and play his own material. One of the best parts of him getting to do the show for that many years is that when it comes to retirement he has built up quite a pension for his later years in his life.


I really enjoy Ricky Minor's band and think the fit is better for the show. Ricky has been playing with many of the closing acts more recently and I think he has done a great job in that seat.



I have basses to play, places to be and good music to make!
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I enjoyed Kevin as a band leader and the way that he and Jay took jabs at each other. I mean, the show was just entertaining right up until the time the first guest was about to come on.


These late night shows showcase some fine bass playing IMO. If I didn't think Letterman such a jerk, I'd get a higher dose of Will Lee, but... And Rickey Minor is the bass player that I've always wanted to be, plus the best thing about American Idol the past few seasons. Mike Merritt had that great opening line to Conan's show and even though the Roots tucks Owen Biddle in the back behind the tuba, I still notice him and enjoy his contribution as well. There are more but I don't get to stay up that late on weeknights and can't remember them all. But what I've heard has been entertaining to me. What a great gig something like that must be.

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