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OT: Chord help


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I hear it as 6-......1/5........4#1/2dim........4-split7b13 (We say 7flat around here as opposed to flat7. I never called a tune in FlatB either :laugh:)

It is in C#... which makes Linwood basically correct (I don't hear a Bb in the 2nd change so I'd call it C#/Ab).

Numbers make transposing a breeze. What's your new key?


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THe song plays halleluja chords as half jazz inversions most the time, i.e. c# major key goes between c#(major triad) trough c#maj7 (major 7th) to maj7 with added 9th and sometimes added 11th (from the major B chord, and at times a heavier variation the B7), and alternates the standard I, I7, V with the also standard I, Iaug, V sequence, whereas the VI is regularly played (also standard hallelujah type of alteration I think) as F#/Ab (the V with the rootnote of VI in the bass) , and appears also to add a transgression "pre" F (major third, not sharp) before the Vth which comes with a 3 in the bass, i.e. a f#/Bb, and that is interchanged with c#maj7/c and c#7/B. at 48 the V comes back standard to I via V, Vmin, Vmin7, V+6.


nice music.


Theo Verelst

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