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redundant rompler


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Hello everyone, I hardly do programming on my keyboards. Seems that new keyboards show up every year with amazing preset sounds. My question is with my current keyboard setup, which of these equipment is somewhat redundant rompler?


Keyboards: Korg Oasys & Yamaha Motif XS6

Modules: Korg M3M, Kurzweil K2000RS, Ensoniq ESQ-M and Korg 05RW



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I think the Oasys can do everything the M3M can do, I believe the M3 series was basically derived from the Oasys. The Oasys is a whole lot less portable, though!


I would also think either of those could cover O5RW territory, which I think uses essentially an earlier version of the same technology.


The Motif XS and Korg M3 series are pretty direct competitors, so functionally there is a lot of duplication, but sonically, Yamaha and Korg each have their own sounds.


So in part, the answer to your question depends on whether you are asking which ones are redundant in functionality vs. which ones are redundant sonically.

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Holycrappadoodily... that's a sweet rig.


You're looking to downsize?


If so, I wouldn't keep ANY of the modules, unless you are using lots of unique sounds on them that would take too much time to sample into the Oasys or XS6 (or otherwise programmed).


Seriously, OASYS + XS6 + V-Synth is a ton o' power.



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That's quite a rig.


Unless you expect your setlist/genre/style to change radically ... what you are doing now should be your frame of reference. You already know what presets you need ... because you are using them.


Personally, I would ditch the modules as others have suggested. Make a list of all the sounds you are using the modules for, and start using other synths for those sounds. See how far you can get.


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