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XK3 midi/control questions


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I'm now a few days into sorting out my new set-up, with the Hammond XK3 driving the Motif rack. I have a few questions which I'd like your help with.


Obviously, I want presets on the Hammond to send program change info etc to the Motif, so fumbling my way through the XK3 manual, I note that you recall the template "Use Ext Zone". So far, so good. Sending changes like a good 'un, and the Hammond keybed is great for playing synth stuff etc despite the lack of aftertouch.


BUT...yesterday I notice that the "Split" function on the XK3 no longer has any effect - you get the settings of Drawbars B across the keyboard, whether the split button is engaged or not. Resetting the XK3 to factory defaults brought it back, but of now the XK3 is sending info to the Motif all the time. Is it possible to have control of both?


Also, is it possible to not have the expression pedal affect the volume of the Motif? Can't figure that one out.


Finally, if I'm going to have (as I hope) the CP5 also driving some sounds on the Motif, what's the logical way to MIDI cable that up? XK3 out to CP5 in, and CP5 to Motif? Will data pass through from the XK3?


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In addition to selecting the Ext. Zone Template are you configuring an external zone? Page 99 shows the parameters that each Template sets. Pages 84 and 85 show the EZ parameters. You can still turn EZ's on without selecting the EZ Template if one of the others works better for the other things you want to do. The EZ's are preset parameters so you can have some presets setup with them on and others with them off and go back and forth as needed.


The split function is disabled when the MIDI mode is set to lower/pedal (pg. 26 & 86 #2). Set it to In1/In2.


IIRC the XK-3 will send either CC 7 or CC 11 for volume/expression control. Can you have the Motif listen for one CC and have the XK-3 send the other?


A MIDI merge box may be the easiest/simplest way to have 2 things play the Motif.

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