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Way way OT: The Dental Spice


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Perhaps some of you already know about cloves... a great analgesic when it comes to tooth pain. Over the weekend I had a nagging toothache, and Ibuprofen wasn't working very well. I then found out about the wondrous properties of ground cloves.


Just a pinch between the teeth and gums and the pain fades away. And you don't even have to spit!



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Dropped $3,000 at the dentist this Summer. Needed a handful of crowns, a couple fillings, luckily no root canals. I had put it off for about 3 years, and needed the appropriate amount of work. Could have been worse, but could have been better too. Now I floss religiously, and I'm not going down without a fight.


Let me tell you, I sure could have found some better uses for that money, most of which was pulled from long term savings. But I figured taking care of your chicklets is going to have much more of a positive effect in the long run than buying some new gear or even dare I say it, investing in my IRA.

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I used to sell clove oil in the drugstore downtown when I was 16.


That was when prophylactics were sold behind the prescription counter. You didn't have to sign for them like you did ipecac, and we didn't display them on the aisles like they are today.


We also had to enforce the BLUE LAW on Sundays. We couldn't sell anything but medicine. Nevertheless, there would be the guy who wandered off the tracks that ran down the middle of town to buy STERNO for the buzz. He would squeeze it through a sock for the ethanol content.


It was perfectly legal for him to buy it. But I couldn't sell it to him. Not on Sunday.


Imagine having to explain to a Sterno junkie why, because of the "Blue Law", you couldn't sell him a can of Sterno.


Clove oil - yes. Sterno? - Nope.


As I remember, there was some discussion that ensued before we finally convinced him to make his exit.


Nevertheless, it's true. Clove oil has been around for a long time.





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