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Seeking advice on virtual APs and EPs


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Hi - I'm looking for advice on purchasing a new set of virtual pianos and thought I might get some good feedback here.


90% of my playing is live with hardware, but I do regularly record things and prefer to do so in midi for the flexibility.


I've been relying on NI's Akoustik and Elektrik Pianos (I'm aware of Akoustik's reputation here!) and was reasonably happy with them until I switched most of my practicing to Nord's Piano. Now when I prepare a piece then switch to the plugins to record, it's a real let-down.


I bought the NI instruments a few years ago in a bundle that including B4 for somewhere in the $200-300 range. I'd love to replace the APs and EPs with something better but remain within that price range. Looking to cover acoustic piano, rhodes, wurlie (clavs a bonus.)


Looking at the following:


MOTU's Electric Keys (EP)


Lounge Lizard EP-3 (EP)


NI Scarbee Vintage Keys (AP)

(Hear great things, but it's not clear to me if it's for sale as a discreet package outside of Komplete.)


NI Alicia's Keys (AP)


Steinberg Grand Virtual (AP)


Synthogy Ivory II Italian Grand (AP)

(Would love to consider the full package, but it's a bit pricey. Also have performance concerns.)


I've listened to online samples of most, but I'd appreciate feedback from anyone who regularly uses these or others or from anyone who's done some comparison shopping.


(In case it's asked . . . MB with 2.4ghz, 2gb ram, logic express.)



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I've been using Alicia's Keys and the new NI Scarbee collection since they were available on a MBPro. I've had no experience with MOTU or Steinberg. Of course this is all subjective. I feel the new stuff is far better than Akoustik or Elektrik. The Scarbee collection is just fantastic.

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Scarbee has no peers as far as I'm concerned for electric pianos.


With acoustic piano sounds, I tend to think it's " horses for courses".

I really like TBO and White Grand by Sampletekk, and think so far that the Ivory II upgrades are pretty impressive. I love the Ivory uprights, and eagerly await their release.


Pianoteq is fun, and has come a long long way since it's inception, but is not quite there tone wise compared to the large sample libraries to my ears. It does have performance advantages, though, and you should try the demo. A lot of people tout it as superior to the large libraries.

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