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Pick-ups for Squier Deluxe Jazz V


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How about the fender noiseless pickups for the 5 string for starters. I have them in my Fender MIM deluxe 5 (they came standard)and I think they're pretty useable and they should fit. The thing about 5 string jazz bass pickups I've discovered is that you have to watch out for the spacing of the screws that hold the pickups in. The spacing isn't the same for all brands. Be sure to measure the screw spacing of your existing pickups to compare with whatever brand you are looking at otherwise alterations to the bass body (routering) will be needed.

Lydian mode? The only mode I know has the words "pie ala" in front of it.


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"Try not to spend more on pickups than you did on the bass"..great advice rizzo...and also funny...I don't know..this bass is my practice bass that I play alot without an amp...keep it on a stand right off the kitchen and start doing scales when my wife wants to talk..LOL ..(just kidding). :) I took it on gigs a couple of times, and it has a great bass response but I found the P/U's to be so brittle in different positions. I might go with stock EMG's. Thanks for your advice guys.











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