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Help on defining what keyboard to pursue


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Fish out of water here folks. I'm a music idea type of guy, everything from country ballads to spaced out rock/prog jams. My only real chops are on bass, but I can manage a few other stringed instruments and congas/bongos. I don't really even consider myself a skilled musician. BUT .... lyrics, melodies, riffs ... ideas in general are my talent. So thats the background. I think many of my ideas are well worth seeing through, heck - isnt that the point. Plus seeing them through just for the love of it, FUN in other words.


I am starting to wade my way through the various 'keyboard-like' products. I am willing to spend if its going to get me what I need to turn my ideas into some semblence of music pieces to at least offer up the notion of 'listen to this'. If you like it, well lets drudge up some session players and record. I am also not adverse to taking up the stage, so long as my weaknesses are covered by supporting members or technology.


Should I be looking at something like a Roland Fantom (G6-8) or a Roland G-70. I picked those for now just as reference. I have a hard time of telling what is overlapped in terms of use and features. At this point I am only really a catalog flipper doing research about what is what in this massive keyboard universe.



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What kinds of sounds are your priorities? Pianos, organs, rhodes, analog synths, mellotron, orchestral, anyting else or maybe all of the above? Do you want a nice piano weighted keyboard or something more portable? Specify a bit more and it'll be easier for us to help you.

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Since your a beginner, I wouldn't suggest buying the biggest and baddest synth on the market. The korg PS60 is an excellent board with a ton of sounds across the spectrum and won't break the bank.




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