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Alternatives to the somewhat pricey K10 covers....


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Although these might not be suitable for everyone, my guitarist and I were looking at covers for our K10's, and our Yorkville sats, and came across these on Ebay.

We've had them a few weeks, and they're pretty nice, custom fit covers. They'll keep the dings to a minimum anyway.

Check 'em out.

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You save all of $15 on the K10 case over the real thing from Sweetwater. I bought the real case, and it's very nice. Nice padding, covers completely, with carrying handles, and had a pocket plenty large enough for the power cord.


Worth the extra $15 to me.


Now if that price was for a hard case.....


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Or you could run up (or have your significant other sew up) a set of covers using quilted materials. About five years ago my spouse made me a set of covers for my leslie 21 sytem, the singer liked them so much, he commissioned a set for our Mackie 450's and 350's. Since she used the hard wearing silver stuff, we've taken to calling these covers "gig mitts," given the obvious resemblance to oven gloves. They are still wearing well and my manufacurer tells me that it didn't take her long at all to make them.
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I've bought two sets from Connie, one for my pair of EV SxA 100+ and one for the pair of K10's. For me, they work better than the usual speaker bag (which I have for my EONs). They lack 360 deg. protection (no bottom, they slip on), but I can still use the speaker handles. Would not recommend them for touring, but OK for transporting my own gear.


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I just got a Tuki cover (http://www.tukicovers.com/products.html) for my SXa360 off ebay...just slightly cheaper then their usual price. Bought it for a small tour we just did and the cab came home without a scratch. Also a slip on (without bottom as that's where it straps) it's a nice form fit, with good padding, and provides access to the handle. Wish it had an extra pocket for the cord, but I'd definitely recommend the workmanship and quality.



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