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I made the switch...Happy and sad.


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Hello everyone. I finally went with software! Not a big deal to some, but for me very much so. I scored sonar from a friend and really dig the plugins and options. Of course this world is new to me and every move I make triggers questions. My first one of many is I am using a controller with it and I noticed there is a delay(slight but to a player horrible) between the notes played and the notes heard. I think this is latency or something. Is there a setting in the software that can fix this? I know this is like a kindergarden level question to some of you but I am totally new to this. Any info will be helpful. Thanks for your time.
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Yes, it is latency. You have to tweak your buffer length settings in the audio driver control panel.


Smaller buffer == less latency.

Too small of a buffer == glitches.


So turn it down until you start glitching, then back off slightly.


And be sure to use a low latency driver too. ASIO is preferred, at least on a PC.



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pc. Any recommends for the ASIO without breaking bank?


Asio4all (I believe the website for it is asio4all.com, but if not, just google it)

It is the de facto standard when it comes to universal asio drivers... and it's free!


By the way, you may be able to get better, more thorough help if you give some details on your setup. i.e. what keyboard controller your using, what are some of the specs of your PC, what audio interface or soundcard you're using, etc.

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If you haven't already done so, research your sound card and be

sure it will work with an ASIO driver. On board sound cards vary,

and you may need to upgrade if the latency remains a problem.

Try the help menu in Sonar to help you get things set-up. I think

it has a "getting started" section.



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Are you on Mac or PC? We can suggest further optimizations with that info.


Sonar = PC only. :thu:


D'oh ... read right past that!


Note there are numerous "DAW tweak" guides on the intertube, but the general rule is to disable as much non-audio-related hardware and background services/software as possible. Free up your CPU to deal more with audio and less with interruptions from other processes.


Do you have any Firewire (aka 1394) ports on your computer?


And yes, 3 is a magic number.

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ASIO4ALL is for use with the built-in soundcard on your PC. If you're using an aftermarket soundcard for musicians, it should come with its own ASIO driver, and you should use that. (There's another style that can work too; I forget the initials. Tell us the options and we can sort you out.)


Tell us what interface you're using.

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What soundcard/device are you using? If it's after-market (for example, I use a PreSonus FireBox), it usually comes with not only drivers to install, but an interface -- a software mixer -- that allows you to monitor through the hardware. I monitor from the hardware and not through the software, and that takes care of the latency. It's been so long now since I set up my software preferences, etc to allow me to monitor from the hardware rather than software that I don't remember how I did it, but it is going to be different for every computer program anyway, and I don't use Sonar.


I feel like I am minimally competent at this sort of thing so I hope I didn't steer you wrong with this advice ... anyone else who wants to add anything please feel free. But this is, to the best of my recollection, how I solved the latency issue quickly and easily.

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