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Just because somebody reminded /something abt Duane Allman

d  halfnote

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That's beautiful. Thanks for posting that, Half'. Yeah, "soulful" is the word...


Duane's playing in this song is wonderful, timeless, it really casts a spell; love his phrasing and timing. And his intonation here with the slide is incredibly spot-on. Also, his tone is very warm and full while still remaining unmistakeably resophonic.


Those vocal harmonies are perfect, too; just beautiful.


I just might have to try my hand at learning this; off the top of your head, do you think Duane's going with Open-E (or D) or Open-A (or G) here? I'll figure it out in time, but waddya think?


If you haven't yet, you should post this over on the StrNetForums, as well; Don would particularly like this.

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Cowboy was very good band (if lost in the shuffle over Southern rock),; it wouldn't hurt to check out their other work.


The really cool thing is how low-key (& almost non-blues) it was---stone country!

It's all sweet (as well as well-ceveloped thwematically) but pay attention to that section starting with the rising line abt 3:00...man that's just pure joy !



As to DA's tuning. I'll get back to you, most of his electric work (other than "Dreams", which was in standard), IIRC, was in open E.


[bTW, it's already in that DA thread he's got going at TSN !]

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