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More horse trading: NE3 to something else...


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In reflecting about the NE3, I'm finding the ONLY thing I like about it now is the weight. And the weight is less of an issue now, given that the gig prospects are way down anyway :(, so it's just me goofing around working hard at home for the most part.


Don't get me wrong... the Nord has great core sounds, but I don't love them as much as VB3+Lounge Lizard+Pianoteq (ok, maybe not Pianoteq _quite_ as much AP-wise... but still usable to my ears). The Farfisa/Vox stuff is wasted on me, and the sample playback? Meh.


(An aside: as strange as this may sound, I'm finding that I leave extended playing sessions on the Nord with wrist discomfort. What's up with THAT?)


If I did sell it, I wouldn't necessarily jump on a gigging "softsynth" box straight away (no gigs on the calendar yet... as I can still use the functioning albeit annoyingly loud PC I have).


BUT IF I DID, I'd be on the fence about...


a) Mac Mini + FireStudio Mobile (or MOTU Ultralite hybrid?) + host software I already have




b) Receptor 2


Option A is cheaper and more flexible (can run Ableton on it), and I _could_ rack it... just not convinced of the gig-worthiness.


Opinions welcome (or just get out the popcorn).


I make software noises.
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One mans "trash" is another mans treasure????

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That's interesting John, I am a bit surprised that the NE3 leaves you wanting something different. I heard that the action isn't so great on the NE3, but I've managed to use an Alesis ION for years and my wrists aren't "tired" after playing that, and its been known to be one of the worst actions in recent history.


I've listened to some of the sounds on Nord's Library and feel that it would be a plus. Your NE3 seems to be under-utilized, or does it just suck?




Mike T.

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Mike: underutilized, and looking ahead somewhat, not likely to be utilized much.


When I got into the modeling software packages (all of which I got for stupid cheap), and after having both software and the Nord for a while, I felt less compelled to fire up the Nord. (The action thing... I can't explain it. I actually like the action fine to start, but my wrists crumble under long-term playing sessions.)


If you asked me if I'd miss the NE3 soundwise--given the software I have--I'd say no.


Really, it's more of a "too much overlap in my rig" situation than anything else, and if I could bring VSTs into the rig for less than a resale of the NE3, then cool.


Tony... was definitely NOT trying to start a debate, although jeez, yeah, by now I should know even mentioning a "Receptor" and "computer" in the same thread is like mixing napalm and spent reactor fuel rods.


I need to rephrase the question: does the Mac Mini hold up in a _light_ gigging situation, loading simultaneous instances of VB3, LL3, and Pianoteq 3 (in my case, the "PLAY" version)? Is anyone doing this?


I know there are Mac Mini threads on here... can't find one that addresses this.



I make software noises.
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Just bought a used Receptor and am waiting eagerly to get tweaking on it. I also have a Nord Stage, so it will be interesting to see if I end up losing my love for the Nord live.





"I keep wanting to like it's sound, but every demo seems to demonstrate that it has the earth-shaking punch and peerless sonics of the Roland Gaia. " - Tusker


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This reply may not be helpful but I think in response to the OP's question, it depends on which MacMini. The 'beater' MacMini I alluded to using on another thread, for an experiment of mine (w/limited use, just running Kontakt 3 w/Scarbee loaded w/no f/x) does fine. I.e. it hasn't crashed or hiccuped in my tests so far. It's an older Motorola 'G4' (?) chip iirc from circa 2004 or 2005. The CPU speed's just 1Ghz I believe & only can take 1 gig of ram--real Spartan or even subpar by today's standards. The new Intel MacMini's probably comparitively 'scream'. Maybe someone with a newer MacMini running multiple apps, softsynths, can chime in.

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This reply may not be helpful but I think in response to the OP's question, it depends on which MacMini...


That is entirely helpful... thank you! If nothing else, it's a rough benchmark. It seems that I could easily get away with a lightweight host + the three VSTs in question on a current rev mini (2.4 or 2.66 GHz dual core), provided the rest of the machine is optimized.


As for the monitor question, I'd go with something with _lower_ resolution. I'm using a 19" with 1400hx900 (or thereabouts) native resolution, and the UIs are very easy to make out. I'm playing strictly "classic keys", I'd keep the monitor basically out of the way and rely on sensible controller mappings.


The monitor question applies to Receptor users, although they could go completely headless and be ok as far as I can tell.



I make software noises.
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