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Phil W

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Don't know if this is one of the names that cropped up in that mega-thread but it's the name of my new jazz piano/bass/drums trio.


So grateful to be back playing...you can never take it for granted but it turned out well as I love the new playing opportunities we have. We've worked out a fair amount of repertoire in rehearsal - some instrumental jazz versions of pop tunes, updated standards, originals and some straightahead jazz.


They are a very sweet couple of guys too with a good attitude to the music and the business. We had a business/strategy meeting that was as productive as the rehearsals.


First gigs this week (Thursday and Sunday). Then we play a private party as a deal in exchange for the free rehearsal space we have been using then another gig at the start of December!


I love the keyboard player's writing and I was finally inspired to write a tune again (first for many years!) rather than my usual 'improvise against a couple of melodic ideas and a chord sequence' job.


If you want to hear it, it's here:




Thanks so much for all the support from people on this forum for helping me back on my feet!

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