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Nord & Fatar Keyboard Repair FAQ

Joe Muscara

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This was posted by a rep from the tech support representative for Clavia Nord products in the US (Pablo Mastodon) in the Yahoo! Electro group. I thought it might be of interest here as well, as much as issues with these keybeds come up.



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Thanks! Maybe that guy can help me get the parts I'd need to make my "NE74" mod.


Too bad Fatar doesn't have a parts department. What a way to run a business.


Anyway, it's great to know, having heard a couple folks mention dead keys in Nords, that if it happens to my way-out-of-warranty NE, there's a good chance I can fix it myself. Way cool of Pablo to provide this info.


Be sure to check out Pablo's rig. 2-manual, fully portable wireless, 18 lbs! No drawbars, though. :(

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