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Hello i´m new here


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Hi everybody! I´m new here, but have followed your conversation for years. This is a great forum!

Now, my first question (I hope you will kindly overlook my poor english):

I have a Korg CX-3,(the "new" one) and want to use it occasionally as a masterkeyboard running the old Roland XV-2020 module for some easy pianoparts. But how can I get the sustainpedal working thru the Cx-3? I called the Korg distributor in Sweden but they had no idea


Thanks in advance


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Welcome StevenS.


You're more likely to get the help you want if you put something in the subject, like


sustain pedal question for Cx-3 and Roland XV-202


Then folks who know about that subject are more likely to read your question.


It's also polite: when you use a good subject line, you avoid wasting a little bit time of lots of people who know nothing about the subject.


It's obvious you're trying to be polite, so no worries there. :D


If you don't get a good answer soon, just open another thread. I don't think you can edit the subject .


PS: Your English is great!

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Don't have one - but looking through an online PDF of the CX-3 manual - it may not be possible. Looks like the switch pedal controls are settable only to various chorus, vibrato, and leslie emulation controls.


It does not seem that Korg designed the CX-3 with a MIDI implementation that supports much use as a controller, the MIDI seems mostly set up to allouw the CX-3 to be controlled by another keyboard.


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