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Notion 3 updates?


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There was a thread about a year ago that discussed the notation + playback program Notion 3. I'm wondering if any forumites have been using it this year and what their thoughts are. I know there have been some add-ins, and am guessing a software update may have happened too, (though no Notion 4 as yet.)
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Not sure. I tried to install and register Notion and Progression as some of the first four apps on my new MacPro last week, but couldn't get either one to authorize. As I've had my hands full with a gazillion problems with just about everything I've installed so far (less than 5% of my total software -- this may take the rest of the month), I put it on the back burner, since I haven't joined their forum yet to see what's being said about 64-bit compatibility (if that's the issue).


Notion 3 was a free update from Notion 2, in spite of being a complete overhaul to the program and sound library. As a result, I doubt Notion 4 is forthcoming anytime soon, as it's only been a year since Notion 3. I'm pretty sure I installed an update or two from their website though. It may not show up unless you have an account and can login, but check for news and forums at their site. I hope to do so once I have my recording software all ready to go, but notation isn't my highest priority.


UPDATE: I just checked what I wrote on the MOTU forum last week, and see that my problem is that both products crash at startup, so that I don't get far enough to bring up the authorization screen. I highly suspect they aren't 64-bit compatible, as Snow Leopard came out around the same time as Notion 3. Hopefully I'll have a chance to visit their foum soon, if I can get enough VI's and plug-ins successfully installed and re-authorized this weekend.

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