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Aria SG Style Guitar


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HEllo everybody, its been a few months since i have ventured here, but a few weeks ago i was at a friends house, which happend to be my teacher last year, and since they were moving he said, "CD i have something with your name on it" when he came out of the garage he brought a guitar to me. Its a Aria made in Japan probably in 76, im not sure, does anyone know if this guitar is 76 or a reissue? http://s753.photobucket.com/albums/xx175/disciplefreak101/?action=view&current=20101013_18.jpg




i hope these pics help and i know the tremolo arm is missing and part of the bridge has been reglued but it was given to me so i dont have any money it but the strings



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If it's an Aria copy, I doubt it's a reissue. It wouldn't have much vintage value in any event. But, it does look pretty cool. You friend sounds like a nice guy. Get a new whammy handle, put some good p/ups on it and think kindly of your friend when you play it.

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