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Hey Marino! - I'm heading to Rome


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Me and wife will be in Rome the last week of October.


Let me know if you have any gigs lined up, I'd like to see/hear your stuff.


Any way - wife wants to hit some classical concerts or possibly opera. Any ideas?


We'll be staying in Gianicolo visiting famiglia.





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Hi Tarkus! I never realized you were of Italian descent.

An October 25th gig has bee just canceled. Aarrgghh!

Btw - PM me with the exact days you are going to stay, and I'll do some investigation for classical and opera stuff.

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When in Rome, do as the Romans do.



Er, Marino... just what DO the Romans do in Rome?


And do I really wanna do it... (and can I tell my friends about it when I get back home?) :laugh:




"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent." - Victor Hugo
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quote=ITGITC?]When in Rome, do as the Romans do.



Er, Marino... just what DO the Romans do in Rome?




Ummmm?....ride scooters and throw coins in to the fountain?


oh no that was a "Roman Holiday"...and you gotta look like Greg and Audrey


Oh no fallen for those damn stereotypes of foreigners/tourists in Rome..hee hee.

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Er, Marino... just what DO the Romans do in Rome?

Usually, we do this:












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All I know is that when I was in Rome, I learned that a red traffic light is considered merely a suggestion. I kinda felt like I was risking life and limb everytime I wanted to cross the street (supposedly when I had the right of way). :D

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Based on my two visitis, traffic lane markings are simply suggestions also - I remember noticing how few cars on Rome streets still had outside rear view mirrors intact - most were either hanging by wires or completely gone.


Gotta say though, we loved the city and would go back in a heartbeat.

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Oh, I envy you! Italy is one of coolest places in Europe, and Rome is worthy of being it's capital. It's... breathtaking. And yeah, driving in Rome is so scary... Before that I thought arabs drive like crazy. Then I went to Rome and learnt what's crazy.


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ehh, I've worked in NYC for almost 20 years, and I lived in NJ almost all my life.


I am an expert on bad drivers, congestion and bad traffic reduction ideas.


You should've been in NYC during UN general assembly week. Uffa!



Italy is no problem. Going to Rome on a busy day is a relaxing experience for me. (I trade equities for a living).


I remeber my first trip to Italy in 89. My cousin was very high up in the police ranks and would warn me about certain areas and cities. At the time I was a student working in Newark for Criminal Defense attorney and assisting a private investigator in Newark on the side.


On my way south, I got "held-up" in broad-day light at the Napoli train station.


Guy tried to steal my luggage, and then realized I had about 50 lbs of dirty laundry in there... he then tells me He's a porter.



Must have tore his rotator cuff trying to make a grab-n-go!


I tell him "ok - PORTER - take my bag to the circumvesuviana tracks and I'll give you 25,000 lire.


He agrees. We get to the platform and he says to me in funky napolitane dialect "Give me your money or I'll throw you and your bag on the tracks."


And he's huffin and puffin from humpin' this bag on his shoulder for 200 yards!


I see a carabinieri - some kid with a sub machine gun - he craps his pants and walks away.


The 'tough guy' now tells me if I don't comply he and his friends (what friends?) will cut me! LOL!


I asked him if he was rested and ready to scrap?


He looked at me like I was a kook - I was 23 and in the best shape of my life.


A crowd gathers and the little carabinieri decides he better do something.


the "porter" keeps telling me how he's gonna hurt me, and I keep laughing. I tell him thanks for the comedy, here's 50,000 lire, go take some dancing lessons.


He takes the money, says some nasty words in dialect as he walked away - I tell him to keep going or I'll give him a reason to run.


The carabinieri then approaches me and decides to write a report about the fight I almost started!


Too funny!


God, I love Italy!

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Things like those are going to happen especially in Napoli. Shame.


btw, far from me to start a comparison or anything, but having visited a lot of the big cities of the world, I have to say that the only one which has given me scary experiences has been New York City. During the few weeks of my first stay (1985, I believe), not once but twice I had to run away really fast from scary-looking, knife-carrying people, who seemed well intentioned to beat me to death and take even my clothes away.

I was able to run faster than them both times, luckily.



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NY has changed a lot. People are actually friendly, and the cabs don't stop in the crosswalks. It just doesn't seem right to me. :freak::D

"I'm so crazy, I don't know this is impossible! Hoo hoo!" - Daffy Duck


"The good news is that once you start piano you never have to worry about getting laid again. More time to practice!" - MOI

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I was in Rome last month with my wife... we spent 2 days dodging cars and pedestrians on a rented scooter. Every scooter rider in Rome is insane to some degree... scooters can drive at any speed in any gap that is not occupied by a car. Car drivers completely ignore scooters.


It didn't take long before we were driving between lanes, using the sidewalk, and threading between stopped cars at every light. At one point we were following a cop and I figured that was the end of the fun for a bit... then about 5 scooters blitzed past us and the cop (on both sides). The only traffic laws for scooters are the laws of physics... with stiff penalties for minor infractions.


Riding a scooter in Rome:

- Fun factor: 5/5

- Skill factor: 3.5/5

- Luck factor: 6/5

- Stupid factor: 27.3/5


My lawyer says I have to strongly urge yàll not to rent a scooter in Rome.

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