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gear-loading problems?


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Reminds me of the old Clam Shell tailgate that appeared on GM station wagons. They failed quickly and the slightest bump on the rear end knocked them out of whack.


But it's sexy as hell.

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Reminds me of the old Clam Shell tailgate


I have a vintage car that literally has a clamshell as a door/roof...infact the hardtop is a clamshell over the cars body which has no doors at all[ a fibreglass sportscar called a goggomobil dart]


the only way to get in and out of the car is to raise the clamshell and step over the side of the body...


but I think laying a privia in the footwell to the rear engine bay] may be possible because of the lifting clamshell, even in this 10 foot long car [2 seater, rear engined micro car].


Who else can claim they have a car with a truley clamshell like door.


ps If I rolled the car..I would have hell of a time getting out

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