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Wow, that's really a bummer and I hope you find something new pronto. On the upside, a little more time to play bass?


I assume from your location that you're in Philly? Me too. Where'd you work?

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Kansas City is the locale, actually about 10 miles from the corner of 12th street and Vine. May have a line from a guy at church on a job with the VFW. Might have a paying gig this weekend.

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Sorry to here it. I've been out of work since mid-June. It's tough out there.


The funny thing is when people hear that you're unemployed they say "don't worry, you'll find another job". As opposed to what retiring 25 years ahead of schedule.

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Praying for you - hoping that you will wind up feeling like I did well after I was laid off - a couple of years later (with a new position in a different field) I went back and thanked the manager for helping me get into something I really enjoyed.


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Tough break, picker.. I've put you on my p-list...

+1 on Wally's post though. Keep your eyes peeled for the opportunity that's heading your way.

I went through it about 6 or 7 years ago, went through a short time of depression, pulled my butt out of it and now I'm in a place I love, doing work that I love, and making about 4x what I was making then.

What kind of work do you do?



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