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SOT: Monitors within a budget


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I've done the obligatory forum search and not found anything on point (perhaps attributable to my poor searching abilities).


Anyway, if money were no object....well, let's just stop right there. Money is an object.


So, here it is, I need a decent monitor system in the $100 range. I am using the monitor for myself for my 6 piece band. All I really need to put through the monitor is vocals and perhaps a little acoustic guitar. I can hear drums, bass, and lead guitar just fine through the backline.


We have a powered board, so a passive speaker fits the bill. Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts? I've used the Galaxy Hot Spot in the past (about $130) and they aren't bad. Any experience with the Kustom? KSC10? Other thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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I use 4 of these:



And drive them with a:




Works great! At $199 per monitor, your looking at $800 for four. If your just running vocals you could probably do with just two.

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We have one of these for our singer. It sounds real nice with vocals. It's so flat we don't even need an EQ on it. We're not a real loud band and it covers a lot of area at the front of the stage.



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