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Stands....rubber end caps?


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Probably a dumb question, here goes...


I have a number of X stands, amp stands, etc. where, over time, I have lost a few of the different diameter rubberish end caps, those slip on things which go over the tubes.

Last week a 1 inch one from an OnStage adjustable amp stand disappeared and I am not having any luck finding any easily available from music dealers.

Am I missing something obvious? Can I find these things in regular stores? (I haven't so far) Just curious, thought you all would know.


Thanks, Paul

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Ace Hardware is also great for this stuff.

For lots of small mechanical parts that are used by these mfrs, also check online at

mcmaster. com

smallparts. com


Great sources of lots of replacement parts for all kinds of mechanical objects. Also good source for stuff when you are making your own gear.

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those end caps are seldom in the right place anyway. if you have a board that isn't very deep (like a Electro) then the keyboard will end up sitting in between the end caps and just resting/sliding around on the metal.


I found that a better solution is to cut two strips of mouse mat that is the same length as the board is deep. zip-tie these to the stand.


alternatively wrap some self-emalgamating tape to the stand in the right locations, )the tape that moulds itelf into a solid piece of rubber)

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