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Kenny Kirkland question


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In the September issue in the 5 ways to play like Kenny, example one(swing), it shows x in the notation starting with measure two. I'm not that great of a 'reader' on the sheet. What does that mean?It has accidentals so I assume it is played some way. Thank you for your time.
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A bit of clarification:


1) it was the August 2010 issue. ;)


2) This is the notation you're referring to, in case someone doesn't have the issue handy:




In the text of the article, it states the following:


"Also, some of the eighth-notes are almost ghosted, i.e., more felt than heard".


That's what the "x" implies... not a true, fully played note, but the implied note. Please note that you'll have a hard time playing like this on a budget digital piano, even moreso on a ROMpler.

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You tend to see "ghosted notes" more in Sax solos then piano transcriptions because of the nature of the instrument.


In any case like I mentioned in that thread about Tonysounds and his excellent Nord Piano review, it was great to see the little piece on KK, one of my all time favorites.


When they (Branford, Tain ) were out here for that short stint of doing the Leno show, I saw Kenny numerous times around town. A few times he was having an OK night, very good but not great. One night in particular I heard them at this hotel bar on Sunset (name escapes me right now) and he played at a level that I've heard very few Jazz pianists come up to. He was brilliant ! The club had this 6' beat to s..t Steinway, I had just played there the previous week so I knew the condition of the piano was pretty brutal--didn't seem to bother KK, he transcended that pos. He was blessed with great natural ability and it was a terrible loss for the music world when he left us so prematurely at such a young age.


Like I mentioned in that other post, example 2b got my attention. It's quite a challenge to transpose to all 12 keys. 5 a,b & c are nice also.


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Thanks for your help Sven. On the binder of my copy of the issue it has 09/2010. :confused: Oh well. You know what I'm talkin about. Thats the important part.


Hmm... just checked, and you're right... not sure why Keyboard's web folks put it into the August 2010 directory. :confused: Ah well, like you said, at least we're talking about the same thing. ;)


As for "ghosted", think of it as a note that's significantly quieter than the notes around it. Just like it explains in the article... ;)


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