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Ska Organ Lesson on Youtube: I Love this Guy!


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Phew, cheers for the heads-up - I was about to play my ska songs on my church organ! How embarrassing would that have been?


Luckily I wasn't about to try them on Purple Organ because, like Gary, I don't know what that is :)


How can I ever thank you enough, Ska-Organ-Adviceman...

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Great video... I learnt something from it! Even though I think the main thing was that I don't ever want to play ska... ;)


Actually, I played briefly in a ska band recently using my SV-1... sure fast way to tendonitis... never again...


The guy seems real nice actually, kinda hard to make these characters up (Tufnell + organ + birds), a bit like a Little Britain/League of Gentlemen sketch, though I suspect every country has such characters.....



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