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Who owns both Logic & Cubase & which do you use for audio?

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Can anyone who owns both Cubase & Logic (preferably the high end versions of each) tell me which they use for audio? Tests to compare the audio engines of the two programs keep popping up on newsgroups. I figured a good non-scientific test would be to ask which is preferred by those who have both. Thanks alot!
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I worked with Cubase 4.1 for the last 5 years... and moved to Logic last week. I am too, inlove with logic -espcialy for the audio side. Don't get me wrong, cubase is very capable program - our last project was done totaly in it (check it out http://www.DarlingNikkie.com/sounds ) but working with Logic just seems more... I don't know... professional? I can't see myself going back. Eventhough I do know cubase much better then Logic, it's mainly the small stuff that bugs me - in the all I feel I can do much more within Logic. It was a tough call - to change or not to change. And the fact that most pros here in Europe use Logic did play a small part ... PT is out of the question due to the midi and cost.

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