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Gig Gear Pron

Jim Alfredson

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This weekend I had a gig with Glenn Brown & Intergalactic Sprial, an experimental, all-improvised jazz group created by my friend and local studio owner Glenn Brown. Glenn used to tour back in the day with Bill Laswell in a band called Solar Eclipse. He's been on the studio side of things for the past 40 years. He owns and operates a really awesome studio here in Lansing that has the 32 channel Neve 8068 console from Muscle Shoals.


The group started as a studio improvisation group and so far we've done two gigs; one last year at the Harvest Gathering in upper Michigan with a sextet and this year at the same festival with just a trio (Randy Marsh of organissimo, myself, and Glenn Brown).


Here's my rig for the show:




I put it together in my basement first, hence the picture. For the show I forgot my laptop and the power supply for my EH Stereo Memory Man w/ Hazarai. Oops.


I was trying to figure out a way to NOT bring the full organ, but none of my other keyboard stands could span the pedals. I needed the pedals since we had no bassist on this gig.


So the rig is:


- The Hammond XK System, running through my Leslie 3300 (not pictured).

- Moog Voyager

- laptop running Alchemy (so mad I forgot it; I had some really awesome pads I made for the show plus a really expressive Native American flute patch)

- Mixer and Stereo Memory Man on top of rack case

- Rack case includes a Firepod for the laptop interface and my FS1r

- Andromeda

- Nord Electro 73 (courtesy of kanker)

- two Yorkville NX55p powered monitors for stereo monitoring (not pictured)

- Yorkville sub for the 3300 (not pictured)


It was a LOT to set-up. I'll probably pare it down; the FS1r was redundant with Alchemy in terms of what I was going to use it for, but I'm glad I had it since I forgot my laptop. I think I'll replace the FS1r & Nord with a Motif rack (need to get another ES rack or maybe the XS), controlled from the XK3.


I've only had the Andromeda for a month, but I absolutely love it. I got more comments and compliments about it than anything else after the show. It sounded HUGE.


I hope someone got a picture of Glenn's rig. It consisted of a Lil' Phatty, a Buchla 100 Modular system going through a tape delay (a real tape delay), a slew of guitars (he plays mainly guitar) and amps, and a bunch of fun pedals. Not to mention some percussion stuff and a laptop running Mainstage.


Anyway... it was a lot of fun. We have a CD that will be available soon featuring lots of great keyboards (real Rhodes, real Wurli, Hammond, Moog, Buchla, Yamaha EX5, Motif, Studio Electronics SE-1x, & Absynth).

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