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Happy Birthday to Cohizzle!

Chad Thorne

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I understand that in honor of your birthday, Jeremy, a lot of people will be fasting for 25 hours and praying for atonement and repentance. Way to go.




Have a great birthday!


(If there's only one "Top of the ..." in SF, then I have been there before. Not a bad place to spend one's birthday.)

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Well, happy birthday too ya' then!


Any grand plans for the evening?


A gig. Top of the Mark, Mark Hopkins Hotel, San Francisco.


It'll be too foggy to see the view, but I'll have a martini or two to celebrate.


Oh, sweet! Been there. Lovely spot. Great place for a gig...and a birthday celebration. Enjoy!

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My day (and night) went great and thank you all for the birthday wishes!


Of course I spent the morning in Synagogue atoning for all my sins. The time I played a G natural instead of a G flat when sightreading a chart was a big one. :)


I did not fast for various reasons and so my wife took me out to lunch at one of my favorite cafes. Our order somehow got lost between the waitress and the kitchen and after sitting for a while, we had to start all over again and as a result, they gave us our lunch for free and even threw in a few extra things. That was a nice birthday present.


Then off to the Top of the Mark for the gig.

First of all it took 1 hour (on the freeway) to drive the 12 miles there. I parked at 6:45 in a space which said "towaway zone 7 am to 7 pm" and sat in the car for 15 minutes, which meant that I got a space within a block and didn't have to pay $40 for a parking garage.


The bar is on the top floor of the Mark Hopkins Hotel, one of the fancy old hotels in S.F. It's not the tallest building in the city by any means, but it is on the top of Nob Hill and so the view is actually better than in the much taller buildings.

San Francisco has been pretty much fogged in all summer, it's the coldest summer in history, but amazingly the fog lifted and the view (which is 360 degrees) was stunning.


The place is pretty expensive. Usually people are seriously dressed up. Many were, but I was surprised to see a reasonable number of people wearing jeans. In the old days, they would not have let them in.


The six piece band I was in played Motown and other danceable music and the crowd was responsive from note one. The band announced my birthday and sang Happy Birthday. ASCAP collected the royalty fee for use of that copyrighted song. (Just kidding, but of course the room has all the proper licenses.)


The room manager liked us a lot (which is saying a lot....there is a two page list of rules....and we didn't break a single one of them). We were able to play energetic dance music at a relatively low volume, which scored a lot of points for us.


The bandleader bought me a Caipirinha (for $13) as my birthday drink.


I had fun.


p.s. You could have a nice dinner and then one drink at the bar for only $80 per person.


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Sounds like a great time, and what a cool place to play!

I need to get back to San Francisco. It's one of my favorite cities but I haven't been there since 1993.

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