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Yamaha P-80; Sticking Keys


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I have a Yamaha P-80 that I retired from gigging a few years ago due to some sticking keys. I "put it out to pasture" and have been using it with my piano class, but the students usually don't want to play it due to these sticking keys.


The keys in question are some of the D keys, and sometimes the Eb keys. They will physically stick down until pulled up. Very odd that it would only be D/Eb keys.

I've taken the board apart and can find no reason why they'd be sticking. This is a "piano action" board. When disassembled, the keys can be taken off rather easily but I can't find anything physically wrong.


Anyone run into this with weighted Yamaha boards? I don't know who made the keybed on the P-80; Yamaha? So I don't know if it is shared with other boards that might have the same problem.

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The problem is in the back of the key... it might be that you can't see it, but it's there. The right bottom, right, back piece of the key is cracked and that's what the problem is all about. I have a p120 and ALL my E and D, and some of the As and Bs keys were broken in that way. My yamaha repair station didn't want to replace it for free (warranty expired) so I glued the keys. Mind that you have to support the glued part with something because the glue area is so small the glue won't stick, at least not hard enough for you to play. I used a small piece of plastic cut from CD jewel case and I used it to stitch it together (kind of like with a band aid).


I recommend getting a free replacement though :)

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