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Telecaster Modifications


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Have a tele I bought in 1968 then put in a DiMarzio PAF humbucker neck pick-up plus a high-output clean bridge p/u. The idea at that time was to create a "swiss army knife" that could cover almost any gig.


Am trying to decide if I should put back the original Fender pick-ups for purposes of greater value or maybe change the bridge to a Seymour Duncan "lil 59" to stop the buzz and equalize the volume drop between the two p/u. Also have a 74 Les Paul with SD pick-ups installed so am not really looking for a duplicate sound.


We didn't know we had vintage collection items - I also spray-painted a new 1964 Strat metallic purple and sold it for $300 after a couple of years...kick me now...


I sanded off the telecaster finish way back and shaved the body slightly like a strat so the axe may have no real value anyways...Any comments ?

Been round the block but am not over the hill...



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With what you did ie., spray painting the 64 Strat purple, and carving the body on the 68 Tele to be more Stratlike, there is not a reason in the world for you to start worrying now...so I say, just go for it!!! check out some of the new whammy bar bridge combos and pups to include wiring and hidden little tricks under the reversed volume/tone cover plate...and maybe a toggle switch? Have some fun with it...it's your baby...so go for the sounds you like best...
Take care, Larryz
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I would just choose the pups that you like the sound of. The collectors value is blown by any major mods.


Yhup. Make it a great and interesting "player" guitar. If you like the original pickups, then use them; otherwise, sell 'em for as much as you can get for 'em, and put something that works for YOU in there.

Ask yourself- What Would Ren and Stimpy Do?


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I agree it's to late now. You can make it look a little more classic while making it better than the classic.


A Lace chrome dome is a nice neck replacement pickup. Super quiet single coil with low drag.


Don't feel bad. Some people think guitars are for trading and looking at. Some think they're for playing. I cut up everything!

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