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BC Rich ASM Pro?


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Hey all,


I'm starting to do some research for my next guitar, and I'm intrigued by the BC Rich ASM Pro. It seems to have everything that a good quality metal machine should have:


-Neck through body


-Locking tuners



I am a little leery because the price is so low. I realize that these guitars are made in Korea so the labor cost is reduced (thus lowering the price), but I've never seen a guitar with so many seemingly high quality features at this kind of price point ($700).


For comparison purposes, my current guitar is a Carvin DC400 (tune-o-matic bridge) which I LOVE. It's a Swiss Army Knife of a guitar... it can do almost anything. I also have a Jem 777vbk which is sitting in my closet because I love the Carvin so much.


Anyone else out there have an ASM Pro? What do you think of it?


Thanks in advance for any input.

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I'm not a fan of BC Rich guitars. I owned one years ago. I loved it when I bought it but eventually grew to hate it. Just found it too clunky to play. It was similar to the ASM but not the ASM. If I were going to buy another guitar on the lower end, it would be an Ibanez. They make great playing guitars. Swap out the pickups, do some hotrodding and you're gold.
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