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Receptor Programming Derailed By Kontakt 3 ?


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So I've been taking my MacBook out a fair amount of the time for live shows, lately.

Meanwhile, My Receptor 2 Pro Max Komplete has been doing duty in my home workspace. I decided to create a couple of live gigging Multi's with the Receptor; in essence trying to recreate a bank of sounds similar to the ones I have stored on tracks within a Logic Pro Song.


When I started putting the sounds together, Pianoteq, VB3, and Omnisphere settled in just fine. Then I started working on a few 'bread and butter' variety sounds, and that's when the 'fun' started. In Logic, I pulled most of those sounds from the EXS 24 soundbanks; lots of material there. On the Receptor, I attempted to do the same with Kontakt 3 (from Komplete 5). The sounds are there, in Kontakt; but, unlike the EXS 24, the MIDI controller assignments are rather catywompus: One accordion patch that I want to use has the mod wheel assigned strongly to filter cutoff, and lightly to volume. Also, none of the patches have MIDI cc # 7 assigned for volume; my controller is sending volume changes, but there is no response from the Kontakt patch. The Kontakt 3 interface, and manual are quite a challenge to figure out. I attempted to apply changes within the modulation assignment box, but had rather sporadic luck with that. It appears that, in most instances, the typically assigned default controller assignments - found in most of the modules and softsynths I've used previously - just aren't there; or unusual sonic reassignments have taken place.


I suspect that this very 'open' system is what made Kontakt a powerful softsynth; but, honestly, some 'normal' defaults for gigging wouldn't hurt a bit. The way the manual is set up, I will likely have to spend a lot of time learning this system; time that I simply don't have, to 'connect the dots'. I suspect that there are several "Receptorized" software sample based instruments out there that are much more user friendly. Not really interested in upgraded the NI software, either. I'm happy with Pro-53, FM8, Massive, Absynth, etc. as they are.


So unless there is a Kontakt 3 wizard here who can provide some great shortcuts, I'm in the market for a 'friendlier' multi - purpose software instrument. A fellow Receptor user who commiserated with me on the Kontakt 3 situation (also finding the program to be a royal PITA....) suggested that I look into "Colossus" - saying that it might be "Receptorized"


Any and all thoughts, suggestions are more than welcome at this point. I feel like I wasted a big chunk of my afternoon in the weeds....

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I can't help with your direct problem, but with regards to Kontakt, it doesn't play nice with my Spectrasonics instruments either.

Every time I have one or the other instanced, and add the other, Cubase shuts down. I've barely used Kontakt since I got it, prefering to use the Spectrasonics plugs anyway. It's a good thing the K5 came with so many other great plugs (that do play nice with Spectrasonics), or it would have been a Komplete waste of money for me.

This was also the situation that helped me decide that I wasn't going to buy anymore VSTi's (except Spectrasonics stuff, it rocks).

Good luck.

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Pain in the @$$ Alan. I have no help for you either, except to say that the manuals ARE a little bewildering, and that I know I don't even scratch the surface of most of the NI stuff because of it. But then again, there are so many ways to learn stuff these days, I kind of have no excuse. Still, that program isn't the most straightforward in the world.

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