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Lost Upright Bass? UPRIGHT BASS FOUND IN LA area

Bob Gollihur

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Got this message from a guy, and in addition to posting it on Gollihur Music I thought this would be a good place. Please contact him if your upright bass has gone missing. Bob


Tom B.

Contact Email:





I live in Los Angeles, CA and I recently FOUND an upright bass. I was coming back from dinner and it was just sitting on the sidewalk across the street from my car. NO ONE was around so I waited there for a good 45 minutes for the owner to return, but none did. I called the police, but after a half hour more of waiting, none showed up, so I took it home. I'm not kidding! If you hear of anyone who lost sn upright bass in the LA area, have them contact me and I'll do my best to reunite them with their instrument. In order to do so, they will have to correctly identify the following details: 1. What street it was left on? Time of day? 2. The brand of bass? 3. The color of the bass? 4. Case or no case? 5. New or used? Thank you for your assistance in this matter. Tom B.

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