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Studiologic Numa Piano


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They confirm my playing impressions: Great acoustic pianos, very good response and control, horrible all the rest, except maybe the basses. The organs, EPs, pads, strings, don't come close to the quality of a medium-rank workstation.

That said, if you're happy with a great piano and very good action, it's definitely worth.



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From that video and another I saw, I'd agree with Carlo's impression of the sounds. I would like to hear the acoustic pianos played with the same song to compare them, but what they have here sounds pretty good.


The chassis is very boxy looking, and as someone described, looks like a prototype.


So it's a bit more money than the Privias, maybe better pianos and action, maybe not, but it seems that the rest of the sound set is not as good. I'd love to have them side by side to check.

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I just bought one of these units. It's a great controller for live players. It is not designed for DAW's with transport control needs.

The sound is fine for recording but needs to be played flat, as is with no sound coloration. I didn't really buy it for the sound. I like the controller functions better than anything I've seen (for playing live). You have onboard functions to set up MSB, LSB, midi channel and program change on the surface which eliminates a lot of searching for these functions in a deep menu. I set mine up to call up sounds from my modules with the touch of each preset button 1-14. This makes patch changes on the fly super quick. Another feature I really like is the ability to turn on and off the midi output with a button push.

With layers and splits you have the ability to adjust balance from internal to external with a rotary knob. It plays good but not as good as some of the Yamaha's I have. The Fatar touch works great to set the velocity to your taste. The case appears to be made of a durable polymer which accounts for the light weight. It is beautiful to look at. The jury is still out for me on it but I like it so far. If you want weighted keys that won't break your back and an excellent controller on stage this might work for you. Don't expect too much from the sound though. Hopefully this will help someone who trying to decide whether to invest in the Numa Piano.

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