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Where can I rent a chopped Hammod + Leslie 122 near Vermont?


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I'm looking for a chopped Hammond because I don't think an A or a B cabinet will fit up the stairway into the recording studio.


It's for a 5 or 6-day recording session starting November 6.


Maybe I'm foolish for not using one of the high-end studios that has a house B3/122. But the studio we're using has a really good sound, they're offering us a very good rate, and I really like the vibe.


If I record another album with a fake organ, I'll regret it forever.


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No idea personally, but have you asked the folks at the studio? It'll probably end up being a "my friend has one, he'd be happy to help you out for a few bucks" situation rather than a pro backline one... and you might have to source the organ and the Leslie separately... that's how things have happened for me outside of the main urban centers in the past...
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