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Hey Erik, someone pushed that button 'o yours


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I don't get the Philip Roth reference ...


I know there is not a lot of love for Dream Theater on this specific forum, but this is huge news because Mike was basically the driving force behind Dream Theater. He wrote songs, arranged and composed, managed tour set lists, art work, video's and sang (badly for the most part).


It will be interesting to see the (musical) direction the band will take now that it is "free" of its band leader. Personally I do not like most of the recent Dream Theater albums all that much. 6 Degrees of Inner Turbulence and Train Of Thought were awesome but weaker than previous releases and they mostly went downhill from there. I did not like the 3 last albums they released one bit, except for the occasional song.


Another interesting little fact about Dream Theater is that in 20 years they have had very little personnel changes: 1 singer and 2 keyboard players were replaced and that was it, until now.

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Not that surprised really.

I'm sure touring with a popular group like Avenged Seven Fold had nothing to do with it at all...



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Philip Roth just called. He wanted to know what was Portnoy's complaint.




"Zo, now ve may perhaps to begin, yes?"




I still do not get it.


This will have absolutely no impact on my life whatsoever.


However, clearly it will for others.


25 years is a very long time. His reasons seem very sound.




It is an interesting case of one person pulling all the strings, and all of a sudden the group saying: "Now it is our turn." Clearly, they want to take the group in a different direction. If they were content with Mike steering the ship they would have agreed to the break. The good Lord knows that they have enough side-projects between the lot of them.

"I'm a work in progress." Micky Barnes


The Ross Brown Shirt World Tour

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I was shocked too, one of my favourite bands although I didn't get the last two albums, Six Degrees is my favourite no doubt.






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