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The new Betty Davis

ZZ Thorn

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It came out in February but that's news to me.


Long unreleased, it's the last we'll get from her. Bottom line: pretty good but the worst of her four albums. Lotta people said that this was her best stuff, but not to me: 'They Say I'm Different' is far and away my favorite album of hers.


My favorite tune is the last one, which is only like 90 seconds long and only gives Clarence Gatemouth Brown a 4 bar solo when he really merited more - funky violin is the kind of creative idea Betty Davis was great at.


Kinda disappointed, but it's solid and has its moments. Just doesn't really blow my mind like some of her other songs. I'm still glad I named my P-Bass after her.

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The new album isn't bad at all, but the backing band is Funkhouse, her road band, who can be real solid, instead of an all-star lineup of guys from Santana, Sly, etc. If you're a fan it's worth picking up and enjoyable, just not gonna blow your mind I think.


Pretty nice piece in the Guardian. Cool to see Betty's coming out of her shell a bit. I'm pretty sure it was here that someone posted a 30 minute radio interview she did, I think, last year. It's funny that she's such a wild child but never took drugs and her voice is so demure.

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