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Question about signal splitting


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hey everyone...

i have an ampeg B1-RE head and two ampeg B-series cabs. trying to see if there is a way i can have one cab run my effect pedals while having the other cab maintain a clean signal. can i do this with my current rig or do i need to buy some more epuipment? and if that's the case, what do you reccomend?


ps email me at wilky_1189@yahoo.

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Hi Wilky & Welcome to the forum. I sometimes use a Little Lehle to split the signal before it goes to my amp, but I realize that is not what you are asking about. I also have a Boss pedal board that splits the output into a clean and effects signal on the way out of the board - most pedal boards can do that - but that also would not help you. I don't know of a way to split the clean and effects signal coming out of one mono amp. You would have to have a bi-amp/stereo rig, or two separate heads. Any thoughts about that anyone?
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Google "Amy Humphrey" from Clatter. She has been doing this sort of thing for a long time.


In a nutshell, first you need a signal splitter. Sometimes these are called "A-B-Y" pedals or somesuch. Check out Morley.


As robb. points out, you need another power amp/head, too.


Plug your bass into the Y port.


Plug the A port into one amp's input and the amp's output to one of your cabs.


Plug the B port into your effects. Plug the effects output to your second amp's input and that amp's output to your second cab.

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