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How good is the Korg D1600 digital recorder?

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Well, compared to what? I reviewed it for EQ, and found that is was very cost-effective. Strong points: CD-RW drive bay option Easy to expand Lots of effects, including ones designed for mastering Compact Doesn't make a lot of noise because you can choose a lower-duty fan mode if heat isn't a problem Bang for buck The weakest aspect to me is automation -- it ain't there, except for scene changes. However, the faders do respond to MIDI controllers, so you CAN automate if you run a sequencer in tandem. Also, the mic pres are not the ultimate in preamp technology -- they're fine and serviceable, but need a lot of gain with really low-level signals. Actually, your best bet with any of these machines is to get a quality outboard mic pre, and patch into the line inputs. Overall, the 1600 is a very fine product. But there's a lot of competition; you didn't mention your intended application, so one of the other models out there might serve your needs better.
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