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Strings for my NEW Tak?


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Hey guys I'm a metal head, (LTD-JH300)(IBANEZ-RG) (Dropped of course!), that just bought a brand new TAK EF360SC to get in touch with my acoustical side. Been a long time since I've had a decent acoustic, and I am not sure what to put on this thing. I've been a diehard GHS Boomers fan for years, but obviously I dont want to string them up on this. What's the best for a good mid tone string for these TAK's?
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I'd say, "13s" (Mediums), such as


either "Sunbeam" or "Rare" sets from DR ("Dee-Are") Strings,


or, if you're using a magnetic pickup, their "Zebra" hybrid electric-acoustic strings;


or, GHS "Contact Core / Bright Bronze", or, with a magnetic pickup, GHS "White Bronze".

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