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Hey Guys,


I am tearing my hair out here..


My old (1st gen) RD700 has just really given up the ghost, so I need something to replace it.


When I bought the RD I was a gigging piano player in a touring blues band. My situation is somewhat different now as I sing and play guitar, however, I still use the old RD in the studio for recording and as a midi controller.

My band has no keys, but we are thinking of taking something to add in the odd synth line, so I can either get something quite portable (pc3x) that'll do it all, or something that stays in the studio (except for piano sessions) and get a wee micro Korg.




1. The New Roland RD700GX (Tested)


PROS - Fantastic action, great pianos, will fit my old flightcase, and the ivory-feel keys, should I return to playing live would be more than adequate.

CONS - Really limited synth sounds, Thought the Clavs (I play allot of funk) were a bit meh, not bad just a bit limp. Organs could be a wee touch better.




PROS - Damn funky lookin', A wooden pitch bend, Sounds had real musicality, I quite liked the lighter action, faB Synths..

CONS - A bit pricy, I though the pianos sounded a little compressed, being a bit old school the layout seemed a bit confusing..




PROS - Don't know as there is not one example on display in the whole of Scotland.


So, my problem is - RD700 V PC3X V 88?? All have pros and cons..


What would you, the good people of this forum buy and why?


Cheers and Cheerio




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Oops. You also asked "why?"


PROS: Motif XS sound palette, Yamaha graded hammer action in a 76-note board, greater portability than an 88, awesome new acoustic piano sounds.


CONS: Still bigger than it should be for a 76-note board.



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Since the KB seems to almost be a 2nd fiddle (no pun intended), I wouldn't recommend spending that much bread on the aforementioned models.


Check out the Kurzweil SP2X or SP3X. It is a DP that should have enough onboard synth sounds to get the job done. :cool:



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You've answered your own question. As you're only playing the "odd synth line" live, there's no reason to schlep a weighted board. Get the microKORG for the road. As you seem to be happy with the RD700, replace it with another Roland (used SX, new GX, whatever).
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I'm with Profd on this one. I would go module on this mainly for expense and room. If your just doing odd synth patches a 49 key controller should cover it. If you decide to do some piano parts again, you can always upgrade to a 76 or 88 key controller. I'm sold on the fantom xr. That beast will kill someone! So long as you don't mind menu screens.


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Thanks for the replies so far.. however, what I really want to know is - Has anyone demoed the RD-700 against the PC3X, and if so what was your impression regarding a comparison of vintage sounds.. I.e how does the PC3X stack up against the RD's Piano, Clav, Organ etc..


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