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The Mighty Wurlitzer!


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If you're going to watch a silent movie then live music is your best option,especially if the organist has a good score to work from.

back in the day there were movies that had full orchestration,think how impressive that would be. :o

I watched "The General" with Buster Keaton on DVD the other day,none of the music matched what was going on onscreen.

in fact,i'm pretty sure all the music was in the public domain,so they probably didn't pay for it at all,cheap bastards. :mad:

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If you ever get a chance to see Dennis James on tour, do it. Since he had been a student there, we used to see him at IU regularly. This is what theatre organ is really all about. James would play the orchestrations written for the films.

he not only plays the score that was written for the film,in some cases the score has been lost for years,and he's been commisioned to write and/or arrange a new one.


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I used to live in Philly and yes the Wanamaker really is in Macy's. It is kind of odd. I remember the first time I went in there, I wasn't expecting to hear an organ while I was shopping, then all of a sudden this massive sound comes out of nowhere and scares the crap out of me. After the initial shock though it was quite amazing. Best shopping soundtrack ever, sure beats hearing Lady Gaga haha
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